Personalized Doctor and Care


The complete service is run from the joint efforts of technology, human network and 24/7 care centre to ensure that members are taken care from a 36 degree perspective.

AMEGO DOCTOR is a one such important link in the complete service as this link connects the member as his or her regular physician would connect. AMEGO DOCTOR ensures that no member is penalised for any treatment beyond the regular cost pertaining to that location.

AMEGO DOCTOR validates the treatment plan, validates the medicines prescribed, validates the movement of the member from one hospital to another, also connects with the primary health care centre to ensure they form an extension to the AMEGO service.

This gives the members the faith and confidence in the service and can be rest assured of protection against any kind of malpractice. In the current age, it is very important to ensure that our health or the health of our loved ones are in the safe hands and AMEGO commits on the delivery of this through the panel of AMEGO DOCTORS.

AMEGO DOCTOR  identifies the priority of the emergency and then decides on the following:

  • Movement to the secondary hospital if needed for better treatment and prognosis
  • Compassionate visit of the family member if applicable
  • Secondary hospital if applicable based on the location and district


AMEGO MAN is a trained professional of AMEGO who is out to assist and help people / members in dire emergency with a socio human approach and intent. AMEGO MAN have been deployed across the country and the names of the respective AMEGO MAN shall be disclosed to the member at the time of scheduling of the trips.

AMEGO MAN will be a phone call away from the member and once intimated on the emergency he or she shall ensure that the complete logistical coordination is executed without any further delays. AMEGO MAN is the bridge between the member and AMEGO and plays a key and vital role in establishing his connect with the member and his family during the complete course of the emergency.

AMEGO MAN coordinates

  1. Movement of member to the primary health care centre if the member has not managed to call 108 by themselves
  2. Coordinates the admission process of the member into primary health care centre or the hospital
  3. Coordinates the meeting of the AMEGO DOCTOR and the DOCTOR of the primary health care centre
  4. Provides updates on the member and the belongings like car if applicable to the care centre
  5. Liaisons the movement of the vehicle to the respective address in cases of accidents
  6. Provides first hand information on the health of the member to the family member through the care center
  7. Provides assistance in terms of local language barriers that may be challenge for the member
  8. Ensures the compassionate visit is coordinated rightly
  9. Stays with the member through the complete process of emergency till repatriation
  10. If called during the GOLDEN HOUR, AMEGO MAN will try and deliver his / her best to take control of the situation
  11. Updates Care Centre of the progress at regular intervals


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