Eligibility & Prerequisites


Anyone traveling within India and anyone traveling to INDIA from anywhere in the world would be eligible to subscribe this membership. AMEGO caters to all the people on the GO within INDIA, keeping in mind the various diversity and cultural backgrounds of the travellers.

AMEGO has a team of trusted people who cater in various service industries who will handle the emergency with uttermost care and vigilance. Care has been taken to plug in all the gaps to ensure that there is no encouragement towards any kind of malpractice. We have a set of skilled doctors across the country who shall cater to the needs of the member during times of emergency along with trained professionals who provide logistical guidance and coordination between the member and the member family during times of emergency.

Travelling could be of two types – one could be work related and the other is Leisure. AMEGO caters to both and provides eligibility in either of the cases since emergency can be encountered in either of the cases.

Frequent travellers, bikers, road trips shall be eligible for this service too. Since the current generation and era belong to traveling various parts of the country, in all forms, all the people are eligible. For more information on the various subscriptions, kindly visit SHOP AMEGO.


Pre Requisites:

  • Frequent Traveler within INDIA vide flights, trains, buses, bikers, road trips etc.
  • Work Travel or Leisure Travel, both are applicable
  • Travel Plan to INDIA or within INDIA Signing up with AMEGO for a suitable subscription according to the travel requirements of the prospective member
  • Online Payment Feasibility
  • Android based SMART Phone
  • APP to be downloaded on the phone once the subscription process is complete
  • Ongoing Mobile Data Usage
  • Passport Copy for the prospective member (if its Foreign National / NRI)




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