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Yathindra Banappa

Yathindra Banappa is a consultant in the field of Advertising and marketing since 14 years, he is an MBA graduate from M S Ramaiah College of Management in Bengaluru, Karnataka. He started his career at a very young age, at 22 years, with the support of his father who gave him money to open a partnership firm in the field of advertising.

He grew up with a zeal and passion to be a great entrepreneur and ventured into a lot of areas to learn and grow but just could not find his peace with his zeal. He has overgrown a lot of hurdles to be the person with a vision and a mission statement that he is today.

He has a lot to his credit in terms of immense knowledge that he has gained through his struggle over these years. He has his experience as a marketing consultant in various domains like Advertising, Real estate, Promotions, Financial Services etc.

amego originated in the brain waves of Yathindra Banappa around 2.5 years ago. He researched on various statistical data regarding accidents across the country and medical emergencies within the country and worked backwards to understand what is the cause for the medical emergencies. He mapped the insurance and the human together to check. the gap and found out that there may be travel insurance or medical insurance, but what was missing is the logistical support to bind these together for a person who is on travel and may or may not know about the place or state he or she is visiting.

His unique crisis management skills enhanced every phase of the project and let the idea groom over and over again. The medical aid in the country was just getting too robust for people on travel to obtain, as access to the right kind of medical professional was very challenging in their most crucial times of need. It was a high crisis point for a human in such busy world of various responsibilities like earningmoney, establishing a good lifestyle and making a happy home. He converted this risk/crisis into an opportunity through his thoughts, research and idea and worked with various domains like insurance, technology, human resource management etc., to formalise a team to manage this risk for the people during their travel.

It has been worked over 2 years to understand how the model should be designed to ensure it meets every class of people that make a living in our country. He strongly believes that life is a life irrespective of the socio – economic status, culture, religion, caste and creed of human race. There was a lot of brain storming, meeting a lot of people to understand what works the best in terms of legality as well as feasibility of the service in a country like India having the second largest population in the world.

Dr. Smitha Yathindra

An alumnus of Ambedkar Dental College, Bengaluru, has been a critical person for amego. She has over 15 years of work experience in various domains like Training and Development, Content Development, Project Management, HR Services, Process Transitions etc., across world’s fortune 500 companies.

She is a Dentist by qualification and worked as a dentist for a year post graduation under the guidance of a very renowned Surgeon. But there was no satisfaction in her with her job and she realised that she had more to provide to the world along with her dentistry practice. Her inquisitive nature of wanting to explore and understand what a corporate environment has to offer to her skill sets, she had explored an opportunity that came her way in the corporate industry.

She worked in various domains for varied clienteles and excelled in the delivery of her projects in terms of timelines and quality. Her weekends would comprise of visiting dental clinics and up breasting herself with the latest in the field of dentistry.

Her learning through the corporate journey was very commendable and added value to her personality.  Her combined experience skilled her proficiency levels in project amego. She had an extremely unique and challenging role for project amego and has been viewed as the backbone of the company.

She has provided guidance to the project in areas of the medical industry norms and regulations as well as the project management vertical of the company. Her capability played the role of governance for the project and assisted in determining the project guidelines along with service delivery.

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