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I am a working women struggling to prove my ability and capability in the travel industry. Since my work demands travel, I need to do a lot of travel across the country and write my blogs on the same. I always had my concerns of safety when I travel across the country on work, how can I be rest assured on my safety? AMEGO provides a safe and secure environment for me to travel and work peacefully without any glitch or fear.

I subscribed to AMEGO since my job profile has a lot of travel. AMEGO not only provides logistical assistance and coordination during an emergency but also caters to a lot of benefits that the membership brings on to the member. AMEGO has a list of hotels that they have a relationship with due to which my travel becomes easy. I am given special care and attention as am an AMEGO member during my accommodation along with the feeling of being safe as AMEGO keeps tracking my location in a periodic manner.

Its so wonderful to have a system connected with you always irrespective of your place and time, as you know that you are connected and any emergency you will be reached in no time.

THANK YOU AMEGO for providing me safety that every women today in our country needs to feel confident and secure.


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