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Foreign National

Foreign National

Foreign National

I am a foreign national who came to India on work for about 15 days. Least did I know that I shall be in am emergency in INDIA, when the hotel manager sold me a membership for 15 days called AMEGO. I had a hearty laugh saying that I will not need the service, but I was proved incorrect in couple of days time.

Since we are in the technology field we work from Monday to Friday, I had a long weekend so I travelled from Bangalore to Mysore to see the city as I was told by the office people that it was a must see city in India. I booked a Taxi to take me to Mysore and also around within the city for a weekend. I was very thrilled to be visiting that city and left with a sense of pleasure and happiness on the Saturday morning.

We stopped by a place for breakfast which the taxi driver praised as a place of paradise for Dosas. We had some breakfast and then we started the journey again, I was too tired and it was very hot, so I fell asleep in the taxi. I don’t quite remember what happened but there was a sudden jerk to the taxi which pushed me into the front seat support and I got up with some pain in the head and knee.

The driver was injured and needed medical assistance too, there were a lot of people who stopped by and just glared at us instead of helping us while the others were watching and moving in their vehicle as though it was movie. I was stuck in the care and no one came to my rescue when I suddenly remembered the hotel manager giving me a number to call.

I quickly pulled that number and dialled in to hear a helpful voice, I explained my situation and all that I heard from her was “surely I will help you, kindly turn on the location services on your phone or tell me where you are?” I was thrilled to hear some voice of help and quickly checked with the people surrounding us on the location. I gave the same location to the person I spoke and requested her to call back.

Within 30 mins I had am ambulance come over to the location to pick the driver and me to the nearest hospital. Once we reached the hospital, there was this man who called himself an AMEGO MAN and introduced his name as Ramesh. He spoke to the hospital in the local language and got the first aid done. He also paid the hospital charges and told me that I need not spend on the same. He quickly arranged for a taxi for me to return to my hotel safe and sound.

An memorable weekend but an amazing one as if AMEGO weren’t around, I would probably be struggling to get out of the car that I was stuck in along with the driver. THANK YOU AMEGO!

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