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I am 18 years old and I had to come to India on a project from Singapore. Since I was a student, I had a lot of inhibitions to be coming to India as I had not heard about the country much and it was scary anyways in another country.

I had my travel agent who booked my tickets along with AMEGO membership. I at first, didn’t appreciate the membership and called it a money extracting scheme. My travel agent, smiled and asked to just trust him. The day arrived and I departed from my home country to another country for a assignment work.

My stay in India was for the duration of 6 months, my hotel was also booked by the travel agent and apparently it was at a good price due to the AMEGO membership. I had a considerable amount of discount and anything during the student life is much appreciated anyways.

I was happy to see INDIA and the country gave me a very warm welcome, I had the hotel people come and pick me from the airport. I settled in and it was a beautiful hotel in the centre of the city – Bangalore. I started my work the next day on with my research work and meeting of some of the institutions who conducted those researches.

Life seemed comfortable and moving on until one day, horror struck my life. I had made a lot of friends, the students in India are very friendly and helpful. They exactly know how to balance life and studies and I thought some of the people I met knew exactly what they needed from life. Soon we became think friends and as the days passed by the bond of friendship got stronger and stronger. One weekend, we all decided to drive to Nandi Hills at the outskirts of Bangalore, a small hill station known for its scenic beauty.

To our misfortune, while climbing the hill, some of our friends started to provoke one friend who had just then learnt driving. He started to speed up the hill and lost control over the car and met with an accident. We were all shocked and also scared to even see and understand whats happening. I got off the car and ran to the one that had just lost the balance. I didn’t know what to do while the other guys were panicking out of fear, as the one who was driving was hit badly on the head and was bleeding profusely. I remembered the travel agent giving me that card called AMEGO, I immediately dialled the care centre and expressed the whole incident, they took all the information without wasting much time and told me that ambulance had already been called for and requested me to be in touch.

In just few minutes I had an ambulance along with a person come who was not the hospital staff at the location. They drove him to the nearest hospital and the person who had come along, spoke very calmly and politely to all of us, took all our details and asked us to return to our respective homes. He also stated that the car shall be taken care of and there is nothing to worry. Though my friend was not the member, AMEGO didn’t deny dealing with the emergency and this reflects the commitment they have towards life on the GO….

We all came back home, quite shocked, upset and disappointed to what had been witnessed. Thereon the case was completely handled by AMEGO, the parents were informed and the treatment was provided in time to our friend. If AMEGO didn’t provide this facility and ease, its hard for students like us to approach in that moment of anxiety. I called my travel agent and thanked him for making me a member of AMEGO, it is truly my friend in need!!!

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