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  • Assistance for medical emergencies on the GO
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In today’s world, people love to travel with family and friends. Globalization has opened a whole new world of opportunities for business travellers,  affordable travel is the greatest boon for people with itchy feet. But life on the go comes with its own risks and worries. The biggest of them is falling sick or getting hospitalized away from home.

amego comes to rescue in such circumstances and scenario as a lifeline to the lives on the go, a trusted health care partner and your FRIEND IN NEED during medical emergencies on the go.

amego is a logistical assistance provided to all its members during any medical emergency on travel anywhere across India.

With changing times and lifestyle, it is inevitable to get support in times o need. There is a considerable increase in the number of nuclear families across country leaving the family with less support as compared to joint families. Keeping all the dynamics in mind, amego caters to all class of the society on the go.

It is evolutionary mobile app and can be accessed by a click on your phones. It is India’s first logistical assistance for medical emergency on the go.

  • At amego, it’s all about people helping people.
  • The company is led by a compassionate team of experts from various fields – medical, logistics, operations and insurance.
  • We have a network of highly trained and experienced foot soldiers called amego Man and a network of amego Doctors.

We are just a call away… It’s not just about healthcare; it’s about how we care…

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