We are India’s first mobile APP driven comprehensive travel assistance provider during medical emergencies on the GO.

It is essential that the member has the APP on his mobiles to leverage the services of AMEGO.

Turning on the APP and AMEGO service being activated

Member turns on the app before leaving the base location. This gives us intimation that the member has started the journey but services get activated post crossing 99 kms from the base location.

According to the mode of transport:

  1. Roadways

    – This includes the bus travel, taxi, private car. Once the distance of 99kms is completed, there is intimation from the server to the app that amego Services are active.

  2. Railways

    – This clearly include the train travels, once the train completes 99kms there is intimation from the server to the app that amego Services are active.

  3. Airways

    – This includes the flights, helicopter rides during the members’ travel. On reaching the destination, amego services are active.

  4. Waterways

    – Clearly not applicable.

The reminder timelines are agreed upon by the member on the app while scheduling his/her travel. Based on the agreed terms, the reminders are initiated for the member to respond with a click or a touch and confirm their safety.


  1. amego services are active based on the kind of subscription taken,  we work on a timeline to handle and deal with the emergency but we do not offer services for the Golden Hour of a member if not applicable.
  2. Unless amego is aware of the emergency, we will not be able provide assistance, so kindly request to ensure that we are informed of the emergency to bring in our services into action.
  3. It’s a cashless service and no kind of reimbursements are accepted
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