Care and Support

Care and Support

AMEGO intends to spread awareness along with handling of emergencies that are incidental and which cannot be controlled. AMEGO believes that “Prevention is better than CURE” which is the basis at which the complete platform has been built to connect with people on travel. There are many many service providers of various services that one can avail for the travel assistance and AMEGO here bridges the gap between those service providers and the member.

AMEGO understands that in cases of emergency, any one of us will wish to have one angel who could be available or present at the place of the incident to ensure a helping arm could be extended to help them cross over that hurdle.


  • Provides care in terms of having a trained personal for assistance at the time of emergency
  • Provides assistance for any kind of vehicle damage if applicable
  • Provides assistance for the coordination of the member and the AMEGO DOCTOR
  • Provides assistance for the admission of the member to the hospital
  • Provides assistance by paying up the bills for the member and does not wait for the member family to come to do the same
  • Takes care of discharge once the member is completely in the state of travel
  • Provides assistance in terms of the movement of the member from one hospital. to another for better treatment and prognosis
  • Provides that special care by visiting the member on a daily basis
  • Provides assistance in collecting all the required documents of the member from the hospital
  • Provides assistance  in ensuring that the member is not being cheated for any kind of malpractice

AMEGO has a service provides the following support:

  • Compassionate Visit
  • Repatriation
  • Movement of Mortal Remains to the base location
  • Provides Funeral Expenses to the member family
  • Track members during their travel within the country and ensure safety and security
  • Be in reach of the members so that the maximum can be obtained in case of emergency
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