Advisory Board

Need for an Advisory Board:

Entrepreneurs may not want to involve outsiders in their business as this could be a more damaging position or risk moment for the business. Few just do not want to dilute their control by establishing a board of directors with formal responsibilities and authority. However, the introduction of an advisory board can help come to terms in this situation, by enabling an entrepreneur to feel very comfortable with the business of providing information to, and accepting advice from, an external group.

An effective advisory board when properly composed and structured provides superior corporate governance which is very essential for the growth of the organization.

Companies treat these boards as an effective management tool to put the pieces of the project and the deliverables into workable solutions and this tool is nothing but the Advisory Board of the company.

An Advisory board consists of people from various domains who have excelled in their respective positions during their service years. The company draws a lot of benefit and advantage from their experience and knowledge which outlines the basic guideline for the project. They serve as an input provider for the board of directors and they function well when it is comprised of people whose wavelength matches to each other and have the appropriate skills suiting to the needs of the business.

amego has a very strong Advisory Board who from the skeleton of the company as they cover various departments that enhances the service delivery of the project.

Advisory Board


M.G. Mohan Kumar

Very well experienced Finance Professional with thorough knowledge of both Indian Direct and Indirect taxation also good understanding of International Tax Treaties; Corporate Strategic Planning, Financial Plan ...

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Major General Jaideep Mittra (Retd.)

A senior level mission oriented leader with immense experience at the macro and micro levels with 39 years of experience in Defence Sector. Core & Special Competencies: Exceptional ...

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M K Srivastava IPS

This brave and commendable gentleman belongs to 1977 batch of Indian Police Service (IPS) Karnataka cadre, recently retired as Director General of Police. He has held challenging assignments like:

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Venkatesh Rao

Maverick Marketeer, Mr. Venkatesh Rao, founder and CEO of Signature Crest Hotels & Apartments Pvt Ltd., comes with over 22 years’ experience in Travel & Hospitality industry and has held senior positi ...

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Ajita Shah

Ajita Shah is an evolutionary healer who combines her formal Psychology education with her intuitive healing ability to provide holistic healing to the mind, body, and spirit. Her metaphysical journey ...

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