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What is an emergency?

Admission of member to a hospital for medical treatment, when the member has been brought to the hospital in the circumstances of severe blood loss, injury due to accident or fall, cardiac arrest, unconscious state

Who are the people who could travel for a compassionate visit?

Only the blood relative of the member could travel as a compassionate

In case of death, will there be a compassionate visit organized?

There shall be no compassionate visit during such cases, instead the mortal remains shall be brought to the location that the member has registered with AMEGO with all due respect and dignity, would be by the fastest mode of travel option available and may be a combination of travel modes.

Is there an second opinion option that AMEGO provides?

Yes AMEGO offers a second opinion option through a panel of doctors registered with AMEGO and this is at a separate cost.

Who decides whether the situation is an emergency or not?

The decision of considering a situation as emergency is the decision of AMEGO and AMEGO Doctors

What kind of movements does AMEGO consider and assist?

AMEGO will support in the movement from hospital to hospital or hospital to home

Does AMEGO guarantee health improvement and recovery?

AMEGO will in no way be responsible for the health condition to improve of the patient and cannot guarantee recovery

What are the primary responsibilities of AMEGO?

AMEGO can only support the logistics and timely support from the AMEGO man and AMEGO doctor for advice and action

Who decides that the member will need to be moved from a primary health care center to the next health care center or hospital?

The decision to move the patient from one hospital to another is the sole discretion of the AMEGO doctor in conjunction with the existing hospital head / dean

How is the choice of secondary health care center or hospital made?

The decision on choice of hospital to move the member to for further treatment is the sole discretion of the AMEGO doctor. This will be taken into action based on the need of the hour to ensure the best and suitable treatment is provided to the AMEGO member

Who decides the mode of transport for the movement of the member from one hospital to the second?

The decision on choice of mode of transfer of member between hospital as either road ambulance or air ambulance would be the sole discretion of the AMEGO doctor. This would be directly related to the severity of the condition of the member and treatment required. The AMEGO Doctor would seek internal approvals from teh AMEGO Management and Doctors on Advisory Board

What happens if there is a deterioration of the condition of the member during the transit phase from one hospital to another hospital?

Any mishap or deterioration of the condition of the member during the transit and admission of patient is indemnified for all, the AMEGO man, AMEGO doctor and AMEGO management as AMEGO’s vision is to provide logistical support to enhance the members ‘ health during an emergency and no where does AMEGO can guarantee the recovery

Who pays the bill of the hospital if the member needs to be taken to another hospital?

AMEGO MAN shall pay the bills and submit photographs or scanned copy of the same to the care center within 24 hours

How are the payments made?

All payments made by AMEGO to the hospitals are done by online transfer or cheque payments as per the hospital request

When and by whom is the compassionate visit considered?

The compassionate visit is considered on the notice from the AMEGO man or AMEGO doctor that the admission of the member for treatments a hospital would be for over 48 hours

How is the compassionate visit planned?

The compassionate would be brought to the hospital by the fastest means of transportation available subject to transport facility available at the home location of the member. E.g.:- If there is no airport or flights at that point in time, we can choose to drive the compassionate by rail or road to the location. The road option could vary from scheduled bus services or private taxi

What happens if the compassionate travelling meets with an emergency?

What happens if the compassionate travelling meets with an emergency?

Does the compassionate get the food allowances?

The compassionate is provided accommodation at the hospital where the member is admitted. No food and other allowances are provided

Is Repatriation provided to the compassionate visit?

Repatriation is provided to both the member and his compassionate back home and they need to leave the city of treatment within 24 hours of discharge

What is the mode of transport for repatriation?

The mode of transportation for repatriation is again based on the kind of availability and situation of the member been treated, if both destinations have an airport it would be by air travel, else it could involve a combination of modes of travel like air/ road, air/train/road, train/road or only road

Will AMEGO cover any mishap or untoward incident during repatriation?

Any mishap or untoward incident during repatriation shall not be the responsibility of AMEGO but as stated AMEGO is a logistical service provided for the betterment during emergency situations, any immediate need to re admit the member for treatment during repatriation will again invoke the services of AMEGO

I am pregnant and does AMEGO cover my travel.

We do not support any medical emergency situation for pregnant woman after 24 weeks of pregnancy

How many times can this service be availed if I am a member of AMEGO and what happens to the 5 lac amount ?

This service can be availed any number of times in a given annual membership term. The limit of 5 lac would be utilized on pro rata basis

When can the mortal remains be moved?

The mortal remains would be moved only after obtaining legal clearances from the local and concerned authorities

What is the role of AMEGO for the mortal remains movement?

AMEGO man will only facilitate and negotiate for the mortal remains of the member. The family member will have to satisfy the local authorities with suitable documentation and undertaking for release of the mortal remains. E.g.:- accident, accident under the influence of alcohol or drugs, Over dosage of drugs. Or any such event or situation which is illegal or subject legal action and decision

Will AMEGO provide any contribution in case of death?

The ₹50000 funeral support contribution would be paid to the nominee for the same by the member either by online transfer or a cheque payment drawn in their respective name

What are the timelines that an AMEGO MAN would be able to come to the Primary health care center?

The AMEGO Man is expected to reach the primary health care center in 4 to 6 hours, from the time the care centre is intimated.

What happens if AMEGO finds out that you are faking an emergency?

If AMEGO finds out that an emergency is being faked, AMEGO has the legal authority to sue the member for an about of INR 50,00,000.00

Does the AMEGO Doc have contact with primary health care center?

AMEGO doc is in constant touch with the primary health care center dean checking on the member and his health over the phone

When is AMEGO actionable?

Our services would be available and actionable only on receipt of suitable intimation

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